Natural Gas Vehicles

Vehicles That Run on Natural Gas

2016 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

2016 compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG) are different than liquefied natural gas vehicles (LNG) such as vehicles that run off of propane.  CNG vehicles have been in existence for some time now, even though they aren’t as common as vehicles that operate on gasoline or diesel.  The most common types of natural gas vehicles found in the U.S. are trucks and buses. 


These larger vehicles are more prevalent that you might think.  Close to 15% of all transit buses in the U.S. run on compressed natural gas.  Many cities have switched their garbage trucks and/or transit buses over to natural gas trucks and buses that run on natural gas.  Although there are over 13 million CNG vehicles throughout the world, only about 112,000 are in the United States.

Normally it is more cost effective to buy a new truck or bus that is manufactured for natural gas use, rather than convert a truck to natural gas.  Conversions can cost between $11,000 and $20,000 depending on the size of the natural gas tank.  Granted, the added cost would be less on a new vehicle that is already equipped for CNG, the cost is still considerably more than a regular diesel engine.  


As more local areas maintain compressed natural gas vehicles 2016, more trucking companies will switch over to natural gas for hauling products.  As the infrastructure fills in (fueling stations around the country) the more trucking industries will utilize CNG vehicles.