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Vehicles That Run on Natural Gas

2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Coalitions

There are several 2015 natural gas vehicle coalitions around today.  One of those coalitions is NGVAmerica.  Their web site is   Natural Gas Vehicles America states its purpose as, “A National trade association dedicated to the development of a growing and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or hydrogen.  Advocating for the increasing use of NGV’s where they benefit most.”  NGVAmerica “represents more than 130 companies interested in the promotion and use of natural gas and hydrogen as transportation fuels, including: engine, vehicle and equipment manufacturers; fleet operators and service providers; natural gas companies; and environmental groups and government organizations.”

According to the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, there are currently 150,000 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) on the road in the United States today, and more than 5 million NGVs worldwide.  In fact, the transportation sector accounts for 3 percent of all natural gas used in the United States. 

The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition discusses the advantages of natural gas vehicles and can be found online at where you can download a copy of the 153 public fueling stations statewide with locations and operating hours. is a neat website that gives the prices of compressed natural gas for vehicles throughout the nation.  These natural gas vehicle coalitions can be very helpful for general information, for pending legislation that applies to NGV’s (natural gas vehicles).  There are also some very interesting link pages that give added background information on natural gas.

“You're going to see exponential growth of CNG across the United States as gas prices rise,” said Jesse Toprak, an analyst for “The long-term tendency is for gas to keep going up, and if that happens, natural gas is going to emerge as a viable alternative.  It's just a matter of educating the U.S. consumer that this is a cheaper, cleaner technology to use.”  It's the natural gas vehicle coalitions 2015 that help spread the word.  For more information on the environmental benefits of natural gas vehicles, visit the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.